Smart technology and smooth functioning so that you can chill. As the fastest growing mobile app development company in Kolkata, India, we assist customers across various industries & geographies to extend their businesses to mobile channels and make their brands stand out from the regular human-centric digital experiences.

Give your Audience the Best In-App Experience

Digital Googly, the mobile app development company in Kolkata, India brings innovative technology and smooth functioning into the app development mix. We do not just develop apps. We design rich and interactive experiences keeping user satisfaction in mind. Apps make your products, services and information easily accessible to your prospects. Gone are the days of clunky internet and bulky computers. Now it is all about speed and efficiency and good app development is the way to keep your business over your competition and among your prospects.

Want to give your audience the best in-app experience and boost your engagement/sales? Contact Digital Googly today!

What We Do

Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata India

We provide all our clients with custom app development services. We analyze your business and design and develop your mobile app leveraging next-gen technologies, intelligent algorithms, and modern UI. We will also help you integrate the new product into your infrastructure and provide on-demand optimization and scale-up.

Our app development services include:

Android App Development Services

Over 70% of all mobile devices worldwide runs on Android. Therefore, good Android app development can help you reach out to more customers, improve your brand image, create a loyal customer base and improve sales.
We help you build a solution that presents your authentic voice to your prospects over millions of apps in a store.

iOS App Development Services

We specialize in delivering custom iOS software to both first-time entrepreneurs and enterprises across all the sectors, all over the globe. Our team of experts will develop your app and ensure that it not only aligns but goes beyond the Apple users’ expectations.

Flutter App Development Services

We will help you design and develop, test, and launch full-fledged Flutter apps. We will also find the best product-market fit to deploy your application across several platforms seamlessly.
Our team of Flutter Android app development and deployment experts can also take your existing Android or iOS application across platforms and operating systems.

React Native App Development Services

Our app developers can create React Native apps from scratch or add the framework to your existing application to quicken your app delivery without adding extra react native app development costs.
We can also help you migrate your current iOS or Android application into a React Native application and across platforms and operating systems.


  • Our team uses the latest technology to ensure the victory of the app on native and hybrid platforms

  • You can update your consumers about your latest deals and progress through notifications to increase involvement with them

  • Users can report complaints, bugs and suggestions through the app and handling all these feedback with care builds faith and trustworthiness

  • Including a safe payment option into the app makes the shopper’s experience painless, which increases the glory of your business

  • A close understanding of the user behaviour by keeping an eagle-eye in their activities in the app helps to make a better marketing strategy and user experience

Mobile App Development Service in Kolkata India

A mobile app can be a superb add-on to your business as more and more people are making use of smart phones. If you have every intention to hire a mobile app developer, then look no further. We provide the finest mobile application solution to help you spellbind more users, keep them engaged and bloom your business.

Our Projects

Digital Googly, is one of the best mobile app development service providers in Kolkata, India when it comes to designing and developing award-wining apps that not only offers growth but also follows the latest trends. Some of our best projects that we boast of.