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A discussion on You Tube Marketing

If we hold a discussion about You Tube we all shall agree on one point that we have spent several hours watching videos on You Tube, be it meaningful or just for time-pass. YouTube has [...]

Why is Digital Marketing Beneficial for Small Businesses?

The owners of small businesses have one major goal from the beginning, which is how to expand their businesses and make a large customer base. In making this a reality, they try different strategies including [...]

4 Effective Strategies For E-commerce Link Building

There is a continuous growth in the e-commerce industry every year. With this, the competition to get sales and exposure also increases. Link building is necessary as it is an effective way to gain more [...]

Globally accepted marketing activities of digital marketing

As the name suggests, marketing through digital media is called digital marketing. This includes advertising through digital channels such as websites, search engines, social media, email and mobile apps. Though there is a wide range [...]

10 digital marketing strategies in 2019

1. Update Your Website Content Your business will not only remain relevant in its industry if the new website content is written for your business, but it will also increase your brand recognition and the [...]

The impact of BYOD on organization security

BYOD means bring your own devices. Organizations used to provide employees with kits to be used to do their work in the organization. Instead, it is increasingly observed that employees have started to bring their [...]

Secret design tips and hacks for non-designers

The designs that appear great are exclusively based on minute details that may cause havoc issues for beginners. Inability to follow the rules may lead to a complete devastation of the pages. It will bring [...]

Recent Social Media Automation Rules of 2019

Social media automation is facing a great blow as several brands are abusing it to spam and increase their followings through unethical means. However, if utilized correctly, social media automation will allow marketers to work [...]