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Best Website Navigation Design Practices for 2018

Your website is a source of information for your users that gives them an insight about your organization and business. Other than this, it also helps consumers to facilitate sale and purchase of the item, [...]

Top 5 PPC Trends to Look Out for in 2018

In this everyday changing online world, we often wake up to new realizations every now and then. It may be that your website which was till now on the first page of Google search [...]

How Does Mobile-First Indexing Impact SEO in 2018?

In the world of SEO, Mobile-First Indexing has brought a huge change. If you want to know about this change, the first thing you have to understand what Mobile-First Indexing is and how SEO is [...]

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Kolkata – Digital Googly

According to recent studies, Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing fields that has shown great success in the recent few years and will continue till digitization exists. May it be big or [...]

7 Reasons Why Your Company Doesn’t Need SEO

In today’s internet driven age, success for an online business depends on a lot of factors. SEO is a very important part of digital marketing and definitely the one which contributes significantly to a website’s [...]

How to Remove Bad Google Reviews?

It can be nightmare for a business owner- you dedicate your time, blood and sweat to build a company from scratch, and one day, GONE! Your well-deserved reputation is tarnished by one bad google reviews [...]

10 Top Website Development Quality Assurance Checklist for Developers

In this ever changing world of technology, everyone is taking their chance into web development. But how do you make sure that you stay unique and hit the consumer eye? The answer to this frustrating [...]

Top 10 Web Design Company in Kolkata

Web Design covers each and every aspect involved with the visual, aesthetics and usability of a website. May it be color scheme, layout, information flow or everything else related to the visual aspects of the [...]

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