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How Your Domain Name Impacts Search

There is much similarity between choosing a domain name and a company name. The exception is that the domain name goes on the internet. There are many ways that you can do to help your [...]

Instagram v Facebook v Twitter v Snapchat: Which is Better for Business Marketing

In order to strengthen the comparative hold in the market, companies need to adopt various strategies. One of the most popular strategies adopted by companies today is linking the business of their clients with one [...]

Reducing compliance risk of an organization

Employees need to undergo training on compliance. The training is important as it involves imparting of knowledge regarding the rules, regulations and legalities that these employees need to accede. But the common practice is that [...]

A Few Ways to Generate More Engagement on Facebook

Facebook engagement refers to any form of action that a user performs on a Facebook Page or one of their posts. The most frequent examples are comments, shares, and likes but it could also include checking in [...]

Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2019

The world of marketing is going through a digital revolution that is developing a myriad of innovative technologies, each of which influences marketing in a unique way. In our present modern, Internet-dependent age, there are [...]

Tips To Keep Up With the Regular Changes in Social Media

Social media is constantly changing, causing the users to complain how they are finding it hard to keep up with the endless stream of announcements, updates, and shifts that occur frequently within the digital media [...]

5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Strategy in 2019

As we start the year 2019, it becomes essential to upgrade one’s social media game in order to keep up with the recent shifts and trends. Or you could simply consult a good digital marketing company [...]

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