Advanced Digital Marketing & Analytics Course


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  • In the contemporary digital era, the process of marketing has gone through a paradigm shift. Companies, who want to connect with their consumers, cannot overlook the importance of the digital platform.
  • The Internet has changed the way of creating brand awareness and campaign processes. It also helps to understand the psychographics and the buying habits of the consumers. Hence, digital marketing has become the lifeline of consumers and businesses alike.
  • Likewise, there are robust job opportunities with attractive salary packages in this sector. Moreover, if you see yourself as a future influencer or a digital creator, this course will make you industry-ready.
In a nutshell, a digital marketing course can take your career sky-high.

Digital Googly is one of the leading digital marketers in eastern India. The company, driven by an unmatched creative flare, works for clients from all sectors of the industry. You will receive training in the very company that constantly strives towards refining the strategies of digital marketing and catering the best services to versatile businesses.

The training will be conducted through practical insights and hands-on experience, where you will be demonstrated the effectiveness of different digital marketing arsenals. We call it learning in the factory, not in isolation. The standalone features of our course are:

  • Simulation-based learning
  • Industry-specific training
  • Renowned guest faculties
  • Hands-on experience

Digital marketing is one of the most robust and fastest-evolving industries in our contemporary world. Since every brand is looking for digital limelight and online presence, they have no other recourse but to hire a digital marketing company. Hence, being trained in this field, a vast sector of job opportunities will open up to you. If you are an aspirant digital creator, this course can accustom you to all the essentials.

Yes, while designing the course, we have considered all the aspects of digital marketing which are there to learn. Our course makes room for all the latest innovations in the field and trains you in a holistic manner so that you will be a perfect fit for any digital marketing job role in the industry.

  • We will bring together the specialists and the stalwarts in the field to provide you with a unique experience while accustoming you to all the essentials of digital marketing.
  • Our sessions will be offline, interactive and simulation-based, where we will work closely with you and guide you by hand into the robust and wonderful territory of digital marketing.
  • Moreover, you will get to learn about digital marketing onsite in the lab of Digital Googly. Get ready for a thrill ride through the wonderland of digital marketing.

After the completion of the course, you will receive a certificate authenticated by Google and another from Digital Googly in recognition of your achievement.

The course will last for three months, upon the completion of which you will receive certificates of recognition.

The course will take place on Saturdays and Sundays every week to accommodate the convenience of office-goers and students alike.