How E-commerce Website Design and Development impact business

E-commerce websites has the primary function to attract more and more customers towards the business of a company. An E-commerce website development company in Kolkata develop professional website. This site is almost sure to lure the fascination of potential customers. Construction of a good website is even more required for companies who put stresses on online trading. The impact of such a website on the overall gamut of business, however, depends on some factors:

Business of the current era is entirely dependent on satellite communication. Earlier Landline phones have already been extinct; similarly, use of desktop and laptop computers have also been restricted within the space of office. In this 24×7 schedule working phase, people are more inclined to get all the information through the handset – mobile or palmtop. So, designers of e-commerce website have also configured the websites compatible with all kinds of devices. Experts also suggest that, a website without the option of responsiveness, will lose minimum of 40% customers everyday.

Consumers should be the primary motive for making a e commerce website. Thus, such sites must reveal then soul and essence of the sponsor company. Nature of the Target Audience fixes the nature of a website. Be it classy and elegant, minimalist and simple, colorful – everything is decided upon a prior consideration of the likes and preference of the customer base under purview. It becomes the duty of the sponsor to inform the designer about these minute details. Thus, the designer will be able to make a perfect design.

whatever be the nature of a website, SEO aspects need to consider at the first instance. Search Engine Optimization is an operation that works seriously in placing a website among the peers of web search results. Website design development and SEO operation have joined hands in making the website generate more leads and lead conversion brings customers.

Due to stringent schedule, it is impossible for people to wait longer for a website to get started. It is presumed that a delay on 2 seconds in loading may lead to loss of about 7% of traffic and conversion; while customer satisfaction have been experienced to hammer by about 16%. So, it is always advised to make a website fast operating. Google page speed insights play vital role in such activating.

E-commerce development company in Kolkata has follow this theory for travel websites. A big bang in mind with the first look at the website is sure to make more than half of conversion. It implies that application of stimulant is an important tool for making people stay for a longer period. Creation of favorable comments and sharing in the known circle has been able to create more conversion.

We, at Digital Googly, has implemented some innovative principles that helped us to be counted among best E-commerce website Development Company in Kolkata. The passionately experts with our company are confident in making useful business website for our clients. We are among the best favorite in this aspect. Let us examine few points that has made our E-commerce website among best:

  • We are aware about the customer’s E-commerce business, products and their categories. Best attempt is made to develop and update the website with the last reviewed information
  • Complete digitized solution is provided for creating absolute digital relevance. Such solution covers the features like strategy, structure, foundation, layout, SEO, on-site optimization, off-site optimization, content generation, and keyword correlation.
  • Ability to provide e-commerce business digital solution has made us top among E-commerce development company in Kolkata. The websites are provided with a beautiful outlook. It helps to generate and convert traffic making a positive impact on sales. All the websites are designed with a capability to render maximum visibility. Full optimization capacity is also loaded to make these competitive in the eyes of search engines.
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