Android App Development

The design and development principles made by Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata are in com-mensuration of the interests of the users. People like to have personal touches for having a feel at home. Ability to provide sensible, beautiful defaults has become USPS. Such design has made scope for fun too. Optional customization’s that do not hinder primary tasks have also taken into consideration. These Apps learn preferences of people beforehand and place those as archives so that people can make out from those options. Additional options are also provided. Impetus is put on users’ convenience. Each section of the app is made to unfold consistently thereby creating smooth flow. All the icons, buttons and keys must be visible in the eyes of the users. Unnecessary data are required to be removed.

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iOS App Development

Development of iOS App by Best Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata has some underlying principles, like

  • Design: Use of an intuitive User Interface is needed for making a somber design. Use of an engaging UX will make the job more comfortable. Screen features like icons, graphics, animations engaged with design prototypes are essentially needed to facilitate such designing.

  • Researches : Researches covers the aspect of gathering information about technical acumens, searching for similar apps and looking for guidelines to market and monetize app

  • Planning of Software Architecture : Designing has some prefixes; of which, the prime one is to ensure whether the planned software is stable and scalable for he application planned. Back and front-end developers collaborate to find this. And the search happens in line with the designing process.

Business App Development

An app solution for business in mobiles is a tricky process. The developer must be conversant of the essential elements needed for success. We arrange a discussion session with the sponsor before getting started. The communication part covers important milestones up front and plan for contact management.

We Love Challenging Projects That help us to Sharpen our skills

Project Title

.NET, PhotoShop (iOS & Android)

Project Overview
This app is made for one of India’s biggest festivals, Durga puja. With the help of this app user’s can vote for their favourite Puja and know every puja’s location.

App Name
Siti Shera Pujo

Ecommerce App Development

Mobile shopping is upraising nowadays. The reputed Giants have already put up their foothold in the specter of mobile e-commerce website design and are able to generate huge profits in this process. We, being Top Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata, have also designed lots of website with provisions for accessing through mobiles. Our team of dedicated and capable designers is used with latest technologies. An incorporation with smoother interfaces along with has successfully eliminated the e-commerce friction.

Some of the guidelines can work better for ecommerce app development

Learning through mobile is one of the trendy education approaches. Multiple educational apps have preserved the effort of learning through mobile. The level of education is spread from a toddler to adult people. All of these cumulative efforts have made learning a technology-driven, self-paced, modulated and funny process.
Being a leading Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata, we are engaged by persons to develop various learning App in their mobiles. In the process, keeping special focus on the mobile user interface of the learning App. Best quality, engaging and user friendly m-learning apps are installed on mobiles and tablets. The experts dealing with these devices work on a closely monitored environment. The environment has been designed for rapid acceleration in the development of high-quality m-learning apps.

Payment gateway is important as it provides a secure path for payment system. It works by encryption of the data. These data are transferred to payment processor. Use of Payment Gateway reduces the risks involved in providing credit card numbers
This is a platform that connects an individual buyer to multiple sellers. Such a platform enables sellers to place their orders upon a platform alongside other vendors. The customer can buy from multiple sellers. The funds are then split and transferred. Marketplace enjoys a percentage cut from the whole transaction.
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