Online trust is essential

We care for your online reputation

Online trust is essential

We care for your online reputation

Online Reputation Management – We maintain trust!

Online Reputation Management – Its A Necessity!

Online reputation management (ORM) as the name suggests, is the process of monitoring and improving your brand’s online reputation.

At Digital Googly, an online reputation management company in Kolkata, we research and analyze what your prospects will discover about your brand or product/service when they go online.

Our ORM services also include creating and publishing favorable content on the internet to develop a positive perception of your brand among your prospects.

Reputation management is as old as marketing itself. Previously, it was relatively simple because communication between an organization and its public mainly relied on traditional media. There was editorial control at every stage of the communication.

However, now with the internet, everyone has the right to voice unfiltered and unchecked opinions about you, including your competitors.

As a result, while it may have taken you years to build a good brand reputation, all it takes now is a stable internet connection to destroy it.

You could just be a few negative reviews away from seeing your sales revenue plummet. If it sounds too tragic to be true, consider this example.

In 2005, a young lady defrauded Wendy's, one of America's largest fast-food chains, by spreading lies about the company, costing them 21 million dollars in sales. The scam nearly brought the corporation’s reputation to its knees in 2005.

Imagine what she could accomplish with today's internet speed, which allows negativity to spread like wildfire.

Reviews and testimonials are central to purchasing decisions. Indeed, 93 percent of consumers say online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. Furthermore, according to the World Economic Forum, a company's online reputation accounts for 25% of its market value.

If the percentages and Wendy's example have you worried about the state of your online reputation, don't worry, we've got you covered. This is where Digital Googly, one of the best Online Reputation Management Companies in Kolkata, comes in.

Our Solutions to Build & Boost Your Online Reputation

We Analyze, We Strategize, We Implement. Our ORM experts are ready to employ the best tools and solutions to establish and grow your online reputation. Here is what we offer.

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Reputation Analysis

We will begin our ORM process by examining your brand's reputation, market positioning, and competition. In case of a reputation attack, we will also investigate the threats and attackers.

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Online Branding

We will help you establish a strong, credible, and compelling brand image by optimizing your brand positioning and reputation across search engines, social media platforms, and other online channels.

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Strategy Development

Our ORM services in Kolkata goes beyond simply responding to and countering negative mentions. We will also develop unique reputation-building strategies for your business. These strategies will help you build positive online resources and boost your brand's visibility and reputation.

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Online Reputation Monitoring

We will constantly monitor the web and online conversations about your brand and notify you when we notice any issues that require attention. If necessary, we can also assist you in drafting a response.

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Monthly Reports

Reporting is an essential part of our overall ORM process because it shows the effectiveness of our campaign. As a result, as part of our online reputation management services in Kolkata, we provide detailed reports that allow you to monitor the campaign's progress. The report includes all performance metrics, allowing you to validate our service.

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Strategy Implementation

After developing a strategy, our ORM experts will use aggressive SEO to promote positive content, write optimized press releases and post positive customer reviews on popular review sites. We also identify and segregate user generated reviews about on your brand on social media platforms into positive and negative and address them accordingly.

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Why Choose Us?

We follow a client-centric methodology and offer each client industry-specific, customized digital strategies.
We have a team of skilled professionals with years of experience.
Over the years, hundreds of satisfied customers have benefited from our successful campaigns.
We are committed to providing clients with cost-effective solutions that yield a high return on investment.
We follow the most recent trends and methods to achieve the best results with our campaigns.
We, as one of the best online reputation management agencies in Kolkata, provide regular and transparent reporting to our clients so that their trust in us never falters.