What is digital marketing?

Today we are living in a digital age. Most people are now adapted to digital technology. If anyone wants his or her business to be successful, the traditional ways of marketing will not be of much help. Here comes the need for digital marketing. At first, you have to understand what digital marketing is. It is the way of marketing through digital media. There are various methods of digital marketing. Some of them are Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click) service, Digital Branding and Digital Advertising. These methods are briefly described below:
When you utilize social media platforms and websites for the promotion of product or service, it is called social media marketing. Companies can track the progress, success and engagement of ad campaigns through built-in data analytics tools of most social media platforms. In Twitter, companies can promote their products through short messages. These messages are known as tweets and cannot be more than 140 characters. Companies can post videos, photos and long descriptions related to products or services in Facebook pages. In LinkedIn, companies can create professional profiles for themselves and their businesses which others connected to them can see.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A method of strategies and techniques which is used for increasing traffic and having a rank in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The strategies include improving website content, making sure the web pages are indexed correctly, ensuring that the content is unique and so on. If done properly, SEO can bring more traffic to a site as the site will rank higher in search engine result pages and can be easily found.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

This is a popular method of digital marketing. Each time their ads are clicked, advertisers pay a certain amount. With popular search engines such as Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing Ads are associated. It can be said that is a way of buying visits to sites. There are various techniques to build a successful PPC campaign. They include selecting the right keywords, organizing them into o properly organized campaigns and ad groups and many others.

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YouTube Marketing

There are a large number of viewers on YouTube and every day numerous videos are uploaded. This proves that people have an inclination towards video and therefore youtube marketing is now a fast-growing trend. Companies take advantage of the popularity of YouTube to promote their products or services. If properly utilized, you can reach millions of people who can become your probable customers.

Digital Branding

A brand management technique using a combination of internet branding and digital marketing is called digital branding. Various digital assets like a website, social media channels, etc. are used in digital branding to connect and create an impression on people. The role websites play in digital branding is very important as they help many people to know about any business. A successful website helps in the growth of opinion about any brand. Social media channels are also an important factor in digital branding. If used in an effective way, they can help in presenting a digital brand in front of probable customers.

Digital Advertising

In today’s modern era, advertising has a new form that is digital advertising. Marketers and advertisers can reach their targeted audiences in new ways. There are various means for marketers and advertisers to advertise different products and services to their customers. Some of them are new advertisement platforms, types of ads, methods of tracking and dynamic ad content.

Why Digital Googly?

  • There are many latest trends in digital marketing. Some of these trends are that artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionizes digital marketing, customer experience is be given importance, multi-channel marketing becomes a norm and marketers starting to use their own data in advertising. Digital Googly, which is a reputed digital marketing company in Kolkata, uses these latest trends in their digital marketing services.

  • Cost-effectiveness is an important thing in digital marketing. If a company has to shell out a large amount of money for digital marketing, it is a little bit difficult for them to manage their costs. Understanding this, Digital Googly provides digital marketing service in Kolkata at a cost-effective rate which is affordable for the clients and keeps the expenditure within their budget.

  • If you don’t get any result from the digital marketing of your company’s product or service, then it is of no use. The money you spend on digital marketing is totally wasted. Being a responsible digital marketing company in Kolkata, Digital Googly knows the value of your hard earned money and gives you result oriented service.

  • Digital Googly is a well-known internet marketing company in Kolkata. It gives you ROI driven results. Whatever charge we take for our digital marketing service, you will get business profit a lot more than that in terms of money. Our digital marketing strategies are executed in such a way that the ROI you get will definitely satisfy you.

  • Digital Googly has become a renowned online marketing company in Kolkata because of its deadline oriented service. It has a dedicated and experienced team. All the projects are successfully completed within the deadline and because of this Digital Googly has a strong client base of many reputed companies.

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