We are a bunch of passionate CREATIVES

  • C – Crazy
  • R – Realistic
  • E - Enigmatic
  • A – Adventurous
  • T – Techie
  • I – Impeccable
  • V- Valuable
  • E - Eclectic

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Digital Googly is one of the top 10 digital marketing companies in Kolkata offering a range of online marketing services in Kolkata, India including web design and more. We are constantly up and running through committed efforts to provide the best quality service since the very first day. Our quality talks so that we don’t have to! Our core team is loaded with experienced digital marketing professionals, PPC, SEO experts, social media experts, content writers, website designers, graphic designers and web developers. With innumerable satisfied clients and happy faces, we believe in growing your business just the way we grow ours.

We Serve

We have been dedicatedly working for B2C & B2B clients in versatile niches. Whether you are a start-up or an established brand, we will ensure you get robust digital recognition, in terms of brand exposure, leads and online reputation. Moreover, we also help build your brand from the scratch, through the combination of perfect strategy and positioning.


We do not build services to make money;
We make money by building better services


To become the most creative & trusted
Digital Marketing partner based out of Eastern India

Our team members are like each star in the vast galaxy
– Shining bright & unique in their own way.

Gender Ratio :

top 10 digital marketing company in kolkata



top 10 digital marketing company in kolkata



Age Bracket Ratio :

top 10 digital marketing company in kolkata

Education Ratio :

top 10 digital marketing company in kolkata



Anurag Chirimar


Subrata Roy


Kuntal Chatterjee


Our Values

  • Building trust – Integrity above all

  • Passionate to provide the quality service to the client

  • Believer in teamwork

  • Quality is as important for us as quantity

  • Commitment, Creativity and Hard work - the hallmark of our work

  • Motivating others and taking responsibility

  • Stay as a learning organization

  • To give back to the society

top 10 digital marketing company in kolkata
top 10 digital marketing company in kolkata

Our Work Culture

We have constantly strived to provide the highest quality of digital marketing service in Kolkata, India through committed efforts, proficiency and honesty. This has been achieved by our core team consisting of experienced

  • Digital Marketing Professionals

  • Website Designers and Developers

  • Content Writers

  • Graphic Designers

  • Application Developers

Their competence in their fields of activity is our chief strength. A large part of our success depends upon their relentless and consistent efforts in providing clients with the best quality of services.

Below are the key aspects of our work culture which have brought success to us:

  • Working in a structured way so as to deliver optimum output.

  • Creativity, proper planning, implementation of strategies, etc.

  • Constant modifications through capitalization of knowledge.

  • Rewards & recognition for the efforts and commitment of our HR.

  • Constant innovation to meet the requirements of clients in more effective ways.